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Aperol Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei The Aperol Negroni is a mild version of its older cousin the Negroni. Their recipes are very similar, each call for one part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part bitter Italian liqueur. But what makes the Aperol Negroni different, is that instead of using Campari liqueur (like in the classic Negroni) you substitute it with Aperol Sommarfavoriten: negroni aperol. En härlig och läskande sommarfavorit som är aningen lättare och friskare än en klassisk negroni. Ingredienser till negroni aperol: 2 cl gin ; 2 cl Aperol ; 2 cl vermouth ; Apelsin ; Is Så gör du: Blanda alla ingredienser i ett glas och rör om ordentligt. Häll över drinken i ett glas på fot The Aperol Negroni Cocktail is less herbaceous and more intensely orange and for me, that makes it perfect! The first time I tasted Aperol, I thought it the little sister of Campari. Sweeter for sure, less vigorous herbaceous tones and about half the alcohol content but definitely related For this drink we are switching the classically used Campari for the Aperol. Pour one part Aperol into a small rocks glass, add in one part Sweet Vermouth & finally one part Gin. Top the glass up with cubed ice and stir, dropping in a wedge of fresh orange

Aperol Negroni. Aperol is an Italian aperitif made from a host of aromatic and tannic ingredients, including bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona bark. It's similar to Campari, only milder, less bitter, and with half as much alcohol Variants: Sorella Negroni - Split vermouth into 1/2 Punt e Mes and 1/2 Vya dry, 2 dashes orange bitters. The Negroni that Wasn't - 1 oz Bombay Sapphire gin, 3/4 Aperol, 3/4 Martini & Rossi Bianco, 1/2 Cynar, 2 dashes Fee's orange bitters, orange peel garnish. Unusual Negroni - 1 oz Hendricks, 1 oz Lillet Blanc, 1 oz Aperol, orange twist garnish Its unmistakable bright orange color, the unique taste obtained from a secret mix resulting from seven years of experimentation and the alcoholic lightness all make Aperol the perfect aperitif drink. Just like the Negroni, Aperol Spritz is also easily recreated at home: fill a wine glass with ice, pour prosecco and Aperol in equal parts, add a pinch of soda and garnish with an orange slice Det sägs att greve Negroni skapade denna cocktail genom att be en italiensk bartender byta ut clubsodan mot gin i hans Americano. Året var 1919. Kanske var det så. I vilket fall som helst så blev den inte den världssuccé som det senare skulle bli

The Negroni Cocktail for the Home Bartender-Consumatorium

Så här gör du. 5 minuter. Fyll ett blandglas eller en kanna med is. Häll i ingredienserna och rör försiktigt. Fyll ett glas med stora isbitar och sila sedan upp drinkblandningen över isen. Skär en tunn remsa apelsinzest och dra den försiktigt runt glasets kant - Vuxendrink med beskt klös, en given aptitretare. Det sägs att drinken skapades av greve Camillo Negroni på 20-talet när han tröttnat på den då trendiga drinken Americano (campari och söt vermouth). Han spetsade den med gin och skapade därmed en ny klassiker. bitter gin on the rocks starkvi A seductive twist on the classic Negroni. As unusual as you and I, this electric classic tempers the zestiness of Campari with the sublimely supernatural flavours of HENDRICK'S GIN. Flavour Thus, using Extreme Aperol should keep the same flavor of Aperol but have a higher proof. To make Extreme Aperol the alcoholic strength as regular Campari I'd need to water it down to 70% Extreme Aperol to 30% water, so in this recipe I just used .75 ounces Aperol instead of the usual ounce. No Baloney Negroni.75 ounces Extreme Aperol 1 ounce Gi

The Aperol Negroni is a perfect blend of exciting tastes. The sweet and spicy flavor of vermouth complements Aperol's bittersweet taste, and the rum makes this a spunky drink. The aftertaste is slightly bitter. Bring the Italian summer into your home with this delicious Aperol Negroni The Negroni was invented in Florence in 1919 for Count Camillo Negroni. The best cocktails are a mix of something sweet, something bitter, and something strong, and it was his view that his usual Americano (Campari, red vermouth and club soda) was lacking something. So the bartender's solution was to add gin instead of soda Summer Negroni: Aperol, Blackberries, Gin I found this negroni variation in Julie Reiner's Craft Cocktail Party . It called for strawberry-infused Aperol but I decided to try using blackberries instead because we had them in the fridge and out-of-season strawberries can be super expensive in NYC. Häll i aperol, prosecco och soda och rör om försiktigt. Pressa ur oljorna ur apelsinzesten och garnera sedan med en remsa i vardera glas Variations - The Negroni By The Straight Up, May 28, 2013 Negroni Week is here and its time to celebrate with a few variations of one of my all time favorite classic cocktails.. Stay tuned here all week as more variations are on the way. The Negroni is one amazing drink. Something about that perfect combination of dry gin, the sweet vermouth and the bitter orange Campari

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  1. Do you find a traditional Negroni cocktail a little too assertive? Meet the Unusual Negroni, a lighter, mellower variation created by Charlotte Voisey and featured in The Negroni: Drinking to La Dolce Vita, With Recipes & Lore by Gary Regan. Aperol gives this drink a subtly bitter orange flavor, bolstered by the honey-and-citrus flavor of golden Lillet Blanc
  2. What makes the Aperol Negroni such a nice variation on a traditional Negroni is how the bright flavors from the Aperol work with the dry vermouth to create a light, refreshing negroni, compared to the traditional combination of Campari and sweet vermouth that use a heavy hand to wake up your taste buds
  3. A twist on the classic, this Hibiscus Aperol Negroni is a delicious bitter drink. The floral hint from the hibiscus gives an it more depth
  4. Aperol is only 11 percent ABV, except in Germany where it is 15 percent ABV. Campari, on the other hand, ranges from 20.5 percent to 28.5 percent ABV, depending on which country it's sold in.
  5. Sus aromas tienen notas cítricas con un toque de vainilla y un sabor equilibrado entre dulce y amargo. Este bitter es la base para el Aperol Spritz, el aperitivo más vendido. Tanto que en Venecia se llegan a consumir hasta 300,000 copas al día de acuerdo con la Cámara de Comercio Italiana en México
  6. This Aperol Negroni, a Negroni variation known as the Contessa Cocktail might just be one of the summer's perfect sippers. Citrusy and refreshing, the Contessa Cocktail has just a hint of bitterness from the Aperol which makes it a perfect before-dinner drink
  7. Goodbye Aperol spritz, hello Negroni - the drink of the summer. Telegraph. Lifestyle. Food and drink. Drinks

The Aperol Spritz. When it comes to light aperitif cocktails (something to enjoy before a meal), the Negroni tends to get a disproportionate amount of attention and adoration. The Negroni is a deliciously simple classic cocktail consisting of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari Count Camillo Negroni, who ordered the very first drink now named in his honor a century ago. Campari. Nearly in tandem with the Aperol Spritz, the Negroni, also invented exactly 100 years ago,. Baseado na receita de Greg Seider, que originalmente fez esse drink, só que batido, e como eu me recuso a bater um coquetel desse tipo, fiz uma variação mexi..

The Perfect Aperol Negroni - Drink Livel

Campari is the usual choice for a Negroni, but you could try using sweeter Aperol and a rosé vermouth for a less punchy cocktail. Alternatively, try a White Negroni made with gin, Lillet vermouth and Suze (a gentian-based French bitter). Whatever the style, your choice of gin plays a key role in a Negroni and helps to influence the final taste Negroni Sbagliato är en läskande longdrink variant på Negroni som toppas upp med mousserande italiensk prosecco. Drinken får färg och smak av Campari bitter - som är en italiensk aperitif. Vidare röd Vermouth som smak av blodapelsin och bitter malört The Negroni Is 100 Years Old — and the Perfect Cocktail for 2019. If you feel that the Aperol spritz is not a good drink — and the internet has been abuzz with this very question this.

13 Negroni Variations to Try Now. The classic Negroni cocktail is made with three carefully balanced ingredients—gin, Campari, and vermouth—but the simple formula can be customized to anyone. Negroni in name and Negroni in style with the sweetness of Aperol countered by the use of amaro. History: This riff on a Negroni was originally served straight-up in a coupe and comes from The Girl And The Goat restaurant in Chicago, USA where it was created in 2014

Negroni: white, klassisk, sbagliato eller negroni aperol

Citrus Dreaming (Aperol Negroni) In this twist on a classic Italian-style negroni, Aperol is used in place of Campari and a combination of sweet and dry vermouth work in tandem to bring fortified flavor. Once you taste this Aperol cocktail recipe, you may never return to the original recipe Negroni Classic Bombay Sapphire gin, Campari, Martini Rosso cocktails on tap Negroni Sbagliato Martini Rosso, Campari, Prosecco Aperol Spritz Aperol aperifit, white wine, soda Pimm's Pimm's N1, lemonade, fruit, mint Orecchiette, broccoli pesto (pb) 10/22 Spaghetti carbonara, guanciale 10/22 Rigatoni bolognese12/24 cacio + pepe (v) 12/2 Aperol negroni - sådan gør du. Bland alle våde ingredienser i røreglasset og tilføj 1 god håndfuld isterninger. Rør rundt med en ske, til drinken er kold. Hæld indholdet over i 1 lowball-glas med isterninger. Afslut med at vride en appelsinskræl over glasset, så olierne frigives, og læg skrællen på toppen

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Rezept für Negroni Aperol » Über 236x nachgekocht » 5min Zubereitung » 5 Zutaten » 198 kcal/Portio Negroni Aperol Sbagliato. En super lækker og forfriskende variant af den klassiske drink Negroni hvor gin og Campari er skiftet ud med Aperol. Prøv den, den smager mindst lige så godt som Spritz Apr 3, 2016 - A twist on the classic, this Hibiscus Aperol Negroni is a delicious bitter drink. The floral hint from the hibiscus gives an it more depth

This summer, why not give the Italian Negroni an icy sorbet twist? One of the essential classic gin cocktails, this fiery cocktail typically uses campari and vermouth to give you the taste of the Amalfi Coast in a glass.. This unique icy treat, however, includes the magnificent mandarin-based HRAFN Gin together with Aperol and vermouth in an on-trend cocktail update that's sure to beat the. A Negroni variation with Aperol and Amaro Montenegro. | Photo by Eric Medsker. Wicked Behavior. | Photo by Emma Janzen. If you hit St. Mark's Square in Venice at the right time of afternoon, with the pigeons scuttling about and the sun still warming the topmost angles of the clock tower, you'll notice that many of those gathered. It's similar to Campari, only milder, less bitter, and with half as much alcohol. I see this was written in 2012. Learn how to make a seductive twist on a classic, with our unusual Aperol Negroni. It looks fab. Citrusy and refreshing, the Contessa Cocktail has just a hint of bitterness from the Aperol which makes it a perfect before-dinner drink Spirits & Cocktails. Aperol or Campari in a Negroni. Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. The Society is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members

Cocktail Selection - How to Make a Negroni with Aperol

The Rosemary-Smoked Negroni Recipe. This herbal riff on the Negroni is as playful as it is flavorful. Make a classic Negroni, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. We recommend using a kitchen. Negroni: Sådan laver du den skønne italienske drink. Hvis du aldrig har fået en Negroni, er det på høje tid. Denne bitre drink er til alle de voksne, der har slubret Aperol Spritz i sig, men savner den ægte, voksne dybde. Den kommer her. Nemt, bittert og meget italian

Directions. 1. Stir together gin, Aperol, and sweet and dry vermouth with ice in a cocktail shaker for 8 to 12 seconds. Strain into a chilled coupe glass rinsed with absinthe. Top with a skewered orange peel and fresh cranberry Abbiamo chiesto a Federico Volpe, Bar Manager del locale Dry Milano, di preparare con noi la ricetta del Negroni.. Vi raccontiamo cosa c'è da sapere su questo cocktail da servire come aperitivo o dopocena: il bicchiere da usare, gli ingredienti giusti, qualche accortezza e curiosità.. Seguite passo passo la ricetta per preparare il Negroni a casa: vi bastano solo 5 minuti

Aperol Negroni Recipe - Chowhoun

Negroni - Przepis na Drink. 30 ml ginu. 30 ml słodkiego wermutu. 30 ml campari. Klasyczna receptura tego koktajlu jest bardzo prosta: wymaga zmieszania z lodem w równych częściach ginu, campari i czerwonego wermutu słodkiego. Klasyczne modyfikacje obejmują zastąpienie ginu wódką, czy też zamiany słodkiego wermutu na wytrawną wersję The Contessa, a modern creation of John Gertsen, a bartender at Boston's Drink, replaces two of the Negroni's three ingredients: Campari is swapped for the lighter and more orangey Aperol and.

Negroni (Aperol Variant) Kindred Cocktail

December 8, 202 Aperol, lower on the bitter scale than Campari, has a bright-orange hue. Its flavor is most closely associated with rhubarb, bitter herbs and burnt orange, and its higher sugar content makes it. Whether Negroni, Aperol Spritz, Campari Amalfi or a delicious crodino in the new big bottle - We have everything there And at unbeatable prices Come by and enjoy a drink at great WERK 8-we look forward to seeing you @[10666686439:274:Campari] @[262090714137441:274:Crodino Schweiz NEGRONI - IHANAN KATKERA APERITIIVI. 25/04/2020. Negroni on klassikkococktail, joka valmistetaan kolmesta raaka-aineesta: ginistä, Camparista ja vermutista. Juoma on katkera ja vahva, appelsiininkuorisuikale antaa sille viimeisen silauksen. Negronin alkuperästä ei ole varmuutta, mutta useimmiten kerrotun tarinan mukaan se sai alkunsa. <p>Citrusy and refreshing, the Contessa Cocktail has just a hint of bitterness from the Aperol which makes it a perfect before-dinner drink! </p> <p>Their recipes are very similar, each call for one part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part bitter Italian liqueur. Drinking it feels like take a sip of Florence, Renaissance frescoes, students swooping about on scooters.. The.

De Negroni Sbagliato betekent letterlijk een ´Negroni Verkeerd´. Het wordt ook wel kortweg Sbagliato genoemd of Americano Sbagliato, en buitenlanders die dat moeilijke Italiaanse woord niet willen uitspreken mogen ook Negroni Spritz zeggen, maar leg de nadruk op Negroni, anders krijg je een gewone spritz en dat is zoooo passé!. Het is een versie van de Negroni, die deze zomer heel populair. Negroni är en klassisk, före maten drink. Lite bitter och vackert röd i färgen! Negroni. 2 cl gin 2 cl Martini Rosso 2 cl Campari. Gör så här. Slå spriten i ett shakerglas. Rör om. Fyll upp ett lågt glas med is och sila upp drinken. Garnera med cocktailbär eller apelsinskal skuret som en spiral

Oct 25, 2018 - The Stolen Negroni 1 oz Gin 1 oz Cynar 1 oz Aperol Orange for garnish Shake with ice. Strain into cocktail glass Aperol is sweeter, the bitterness is milder, and the spirit is lower proof than Campari, resulting in a much lighter aperitif. Campari is definitely bold and bitter, and over twice as strong as Aperol. Generally, if you're new to drinking bitters, it's best to introduce yourself to this category with Aperol Aperol Negroni This is no doubt a boozier drink than the spritz, but it's a great after dinner drink and Aperol has lower alcohol than your standard Campari. Just take equal parts Aperol , sweet vermouth and your favorite gin and you've got yourself a heady cocktail worthy of a person of your station Cornwall Negroni 2 oz gin ½ oz Campari ½ oz Punt e Mes ½ oz sweet vermouth 2 dashes orange bitters. Boulevardier 1 oz bourbon 1 oz Campari 1 oz sweet vermouth Stir, strain, straight up, cherry. Sorella Negroni 1 oz Gin 1 oz Aperol 1/2 oz Sweet vermouth, Punt e Mes 1/2 oz Dry vermouth 2 ds Orange bitters. Negroni Special 1 oz Old Tom Gin 1 oz. Lataukset Ilmaisia Kuvia : ruoka, juoda, cocktail, likööri, yhteishenki, ilta-aurinko, hyötyvät, aperitiivi, vanhanaikainen, alkoholijuoma, Negroni, Aperol.

Raising a glass to weekend laziness On Railway 47 out of the fresh seasonal breakfast card, we have a new drink card for you. Summer evenings are the perfect time to try them, and our baristas are waiting to prepare for you: Cold brew negroni Cold eyebrow, aperol, vermouth Bubble in your tea Prosecco grapefruit syrup black tea lemon Raspberry soda Suze lemonade lemon lime raspberry syrup. Instructions Combine all the ingredients into your double old fashioned glass Stir with ice for 20-30 seconds Garnish with a slice of grapefrui Negroni är en utsökt, klassisk drink på lika delar Dry Gin, söt röd Vermouth och Campari.Jag fick tipset att testa att göra den på Aperol istället för Campari. Och nu har jag gjort det experimentet. Hur föll det ut? Den klassiska negronin har en lätt sötma, rätt framträdande bitterhet, viss kryddighet och mycket smak Aperol, Braulio. Connected Recipes. Combine Aperol, vermouth, and gin in an ice-filled shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass. Squeeze lemon twist more than cocktail and then discard. Aperol Negroni - Cooking with Nonna Aperol Negroni Ingredients: 1oz Gin 1oz Aperol 1oz Dolin Blanc 1 dash Orange Bitters Orange Twist Instructions: Add bitters and all liquids to a mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Strain and serve up in a chilled coupe or other stemmed glass. Garnish with the orange twist. Notes: This Negroni variation I came up with substitutes th

Method: Juice the lemon and reserve the peel In a bowl, muddle the lemon peel with the sugar and allow to sit for 30 minutes or overnight 30 minutes before serving add the gin, Aperol, lemon juice and elderflower liqueur and leave to steep for 30 minutes Strain into an ice filled jug Top up with. Negroni Bianco. 1 oz. Brooklyn gin 1/2 oz. Martini & Rossi bianco vermouth 1/2 oz. Noilly Prat dry vermouth 1 oz. Quinquina aperitif 2 dashes of lemon bitters 1 dash of verjus. Stir on ice and. Mr Hart also produces a bottled Negroni. 'It ages very well in bottles, it matures and softens,' he divulges. 'Mark Hix has it on his menu - he calls it the Full English Negroni.' With his summery Rosehip Spritz, he aims to provide the weddings market with an English alternative to an Aperol Spritz

The Negroni is made entirely of liquor, and as with all drinks of this sort, it is not a weak drink. It's also not the strongest, though it does give the classic dry martini a run for its money. On average, you can expect a Negroni's alcohol content to be somewhere around 24 percent ABV (48 proof) Negroni riffs are, of course, nothing new. There's the Boulevardier (sub rye for gin), the Negroski (vodka for gin) and an endless number of rum- and agave-spirit-based Negronis. Perhaps scotch's association with snifter-holding men in tufted leather chairs has kept its Negroni variation from ascendency, but its esteem in the mixology world is widespread Campari and Aperol were probably always in residence in a '70s cocktail cabinet and I happen to have huge affection for both - even though my husband pretty much hates them. Their lurid colouring and bitter taste may seem a tad cheesy but there's nothing more refreshing than an Aperol Spritz (check out this video on how to make one) or a Negroni The Negroni is the quintessential equal parts cocktail. Each component in a Negroni works to balance the others, but they push back a little bit, too, asserting new dimensions as the drink unravels—making it an ideal apéritif for the start of an evening. The template of base spirit, bitter Italian aperitivo, and fortified wine allows for the easy swapping of ingredients 3/4 part Aperol ® Aperitif 3/4 part Dolin ® Rouge Sweet Vermouth Orange peel. METHOD. 1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. 2. Stir until cold. 3. Strain liquid into glass and serve up or with a large ice cube. 4. Garnish with an orange peel. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners

A Negroni is best known for its delicate balance of bitter, citrusy and sweet flavors. Paired with some olives, it's the perfect pre-dinner drink. Carson Daly's Aperol Spritz. Homemade Nut Milk Instructions Put a couple glass in the freezer to chill. Fill your cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and then add the Aperol, Campari, Tequila and orange juice. Shake hard for 30 seconds. Have a taste - do you need to adjust for sweetness? Add the sugar syrup and shake again. Strain into the.

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Negroni, Old Fashioned and Aperol Spritz; among the most

How to make a Negroni. Add the gin, Campari, and vermouth to a cocktail shaker with ice. Stir with a bar spoon for 10-20 seconds, then strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube. Garnish with a twist of orange and serve It's Negroni Week around the world, which means you can drink variations of the simple yet bold Italian apéritif at more than 6,000 bars and restaurants, each of which donates all or a portion of. negroni with aperol / Genstore Web / negroni with aperol Genstore Web / negroni with aperol cinzano

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The Negroni's equal-parts, three-ingredient template makes it a hard drink to mess up, he says. It's worth noting, too, that the rise of the equal-parts Negroni coincides with the modern gin craze, which saw the number of gin brands more than double across the globe. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the cocktail revival was just getting underway An Aperol Spritz is a cousin of the Negroni, and has enjoyed a huge upturn in popularity recently. Picture: Aperol A beautifully simple and refreshing cocktail, create the perfect Aperol Spritz at. Try Aperol in the Seamstress No Say cocktail, in a negroni variation with Lillet rose and tequila or on the rocks with a slice of grapefruit. Jeanne O'Brien Coffe

Negroni - klassiskt recept Mitt kö

The bigger and bolder Campari, however, confidently holds its own in boozier mixes such as the Negroni. Popularity. When comparing Aperol and Campari, an easy way to differentiate the two is by. The Aperol Negroni Winter 2017. The Aperol Negroni Winter 2017. BY: James Chatto. Bittersweet is the best word to describe this variation of the traditional Negroni. 1. Measure equal amounts of Aperol, sweet white vermouth and gin into a mixing glass three-quarters filled with ice Receta Aperol Spritz Ingredientes. 2 onzas de Prosecco (vino espumoso italiano) 2 onzas de Aperol. 1 toque de agua mineral. Hielos. Media luna de naranja. Procedimiento. Colocar hielo en una copa y retirar el agua excedente. Servir el Prosecco seguido del Aperol y un toque o dash de agua mineral. Añadir media luna de naranja. Negroni

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The Cosmogroni, a mashup of a Cosmo and a Negroni, retains the Absolut Citron, orange liqueur and cranberry aspects of the former, but shakes them up with Aperol for an aperitivo-inspired spin. Alec Bales' More Supreme, meanwhile, hews closely to the Daiquiri blueprint, but a quarter-ounce of Campari is sunk to the bottom of the cocktail for. Bitter can often be better, as you'll see in these cocktail recipes. There's the Negroni and the Aperol Spritz, sure. But there's a whole world of bitterness here, so get mixing A delicious cocktail recipe for the Summer Negroni cocktail with Gin, Lillet Blanc and Aperol. See the ingredients, how to make it, view instrucitonal videos, and even email or text it to you phone

Aperitivo in Turin Italy | Turin Apericena | Turin DrinksAperitivo alcolico - (3Gallery: Bring Back the Aperitif: 5 Refreshing CocktailFood Network Star Giada De Laurentiis & FRANGELICO Team UpWhy do some people prefer bitter drinks? - BBC NewsHighland Park Valhalla Collection - Thor Review - Drink

All about Aperol! What's Aperol, anyway? Aperol is an Italian bitter aperitif with a bright orange color and lightly sweet, citrusy flavor. Another famous Italian aperitif you might know is Campari, the main ingredient in a Negroni!Campari was the first ever aperitif invented in Italy in the 1860's There's never really a bad time to whip up a Negroni that's bitter, sweet, dry, and refreshing all at once. Here's how to make the three-ingredient cocktail The substitution of Aperol for Campari makes for a gentler drink, while the addition of Averna, a Sicilian amaro, lends a sturdy bottom note. —Robert Simonson. Featured in: The Negroni Is A Century Old, But Just Hitting Its Stride. More + Cocktails, Amaro, Aperol, Gin, Sweet Vermouth. Ingredients. 1 ¼ ounces gin. 7 very nice and delightful Aperol cocktails! All have gin, all have Aperol, all are amazing. None of them are the traditional spritz If you find the Negroni a bit too intense, Aperol cocktails like this one might be just what you're looking for. This silky drink's bitter punch is mellowed by an extra splash of gin; herbaceous. As a variation on the beloved Negroni: Go ahead and swap out the Campari for a 1-1-1 combo of gin, Aperol and vermouth. Only, instead of sweet, use Dolin Blanc, an off-dry vermouth. It's what a Negroni tastes like through rose-colored glasses. On the rocks: This one is pretty self-explanatory

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