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A pH balanced shampoo also aids in fighting bacterial and fungal infections. It also reduces tangling and frizz, and it makes your hair much more manageable. So if you want to enjoy healthy hair with a natural shine, this would be a great place to start Aphogee Deep Moisture pH balanced protein shampoo: Balanced: 5 - 5.5: 3: Aphogee Hair Strengthening Kit Step 1: Low: 2.8 - 3.2: 3: Aphogee Hair Strengthening Kit Step 2: Low: 4 - 5.5: 3: Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer: Low: 2.5 - 3: 3: Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo: Balanced: 5 - 5.5: 3: Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor: Balanced: 4.5 - 5: A balanced shampoo with a pH of 4.5-5.5 is ideal for all scalp types. Hair Damage: if you are suffering from problems like dandruff or dryness in hair which makes them unmanageable, then, along with the pH balance you should look out for the anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties of the shampoo

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pH Balanced Shampoo A ph balanced shampoo with honey and coconut milk that gently cleanses the scalp, removes dead skin cells and nourishes hair. Active Time 10 min So what is a pH balanced shampoo? When a shampoo is labeled as pH balanced, it means the manufacturer identified a target pH for their product, where it performs best. As the shampoo is made, they measure the pH to make sure it hits the target, and if it is out of range, add more of an acidic or basic ingredient until it's just right. As the name implies, pH balanced shampoos are neither extremely acidic nor basic pH Balanced Shampoo Level Chart The shampoo pH levels chart shows us exactly how acidic and alkaline an element is. Hair and skin carry a pH collection of 4.5 to 5.5. The neutral pH shampoo is generally adopted to acquire certain outcomes The pH balance of your hair and skin is about 5, or slightly acidic. Shampoos can be either acidic or alkaline; a shampoo that advertises itself as being pH balanced should be slightly acidic Hair, on the other hand, is slightly more acidic with a pH level of 3.67 Shampoos should ideally have a pH between 3.7 and 4.9 (less than 5.5, in other words) So the main question now is, How to know if a shampoo is pH-balanced? Well, you can always buy pH testing strips to check the levels of your shampoo

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they also have a pH balanced shampoo with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. this shampoo is best suitable for the dry and itchy scalp, it will remove helps your scalp to stay away from the dandruff problems. the soapberry that contains creamy and organic lather which helps to maintain the pH level of the body pH-Balancing Shampoos Can Reduce Frizz and Prevent Breakage My 4c hair prone to frizz, breakage, and even excessive dryness, but the right shampoo can help manage those issues. pH-balancing shampoos can benefit natural hair by reducing frizz and dryness and preventing breakage and tangling while keeping the cuticle sealed

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  1. Vaniceram claims its pH-balanced shampoo is dermatologist-tested and compatible with all textures, ranging from straight to kinky-curly. It boasts a 4.5-star average rating from more than 5,770.
  2. Shampoo can become acid balanced by adding citric, lactic, or phosphoric acid. An acid PH of 4.5 to 5.5 is essential to prevent excessive dryness and hair damage during the cleansing process. Acid-balanced shampoos help to close the hair cuticle and are recommended for hair that has been color treated or lightened
  3. CONCLUSION: Concerns and warnings about shampoo pH and using a shampoo balanced for the pH of the dog seem to be driven more by business and marketing than by science. There is no scientific evidence that shampoo having a pH of 5.0-6.0 is harmful to pet skin. In fact, many pet shampoos share that pH range with human shampoos
  4. Zero-waste, pH-balanced shampoo bars. People Also Read. Give old textiles new life with easy DIY Turmeric Dye Scratching the Surface of White Supremacy in Makeup 10 Reasons to Give Cream Makeup Products a Go. In a world that created The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,.
  5. Interestingly, only 38% of the popular brand shampoos against 75% of the salons shampoos presented a pH ≤ 5.0. Pediatric shampoos had the pH of 7.0 because of the no-tear concept. There is no standardized value for the final pH
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  1. 1 Lower your hair's pH if it's frizzy and dry. 2 Use a pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner. 3 Mix up your own pH-balanced rye flour shampoo. 4 Use baking soda followed by an acid as an occasional clarifier. 5 Spritz your hair with aloe juice to lower the pH
  2. How to Make a Gentle Ph Balanced Shampoo: There are not very many homemade shampoo recipes here on instructables; so I decided to try my hand at creating a shampoo that was a little different than what has been shared here. This shampoo is the results of my experimentation; after a few fai
  3. The pH of your soap-based shampoo bar is probably to blame. Soap sits at the higher end of the pH scale, around the 9 - 10 mark. This makes it alkaline. Our skin, on the other hand, splashes around at the shallower end. It is usually in the 4.75 - 5.5 pH range, meaning it's slightly acidic. Soap-based shampoo bars are out of balance with the.
  4. The pH represents how acidic, alkaline, or neutral a solution is. It is measured on a scale between 0 and 14. A solution is acidic when it is between 0 and 6.9, alkaline is between 7.1 and 14, and 7 is considered neutral. It is important to use a pH-balanced shampoo because of the effects alkaline shampoos have on human hair and sebum

Dir. Olivier VenturiniProd. Soup Fil A basic hydroxide or ionic salt that's water-soluble. Common examples include soaps, shampoos, hair dyes, ammonia, lye, and caustic soda. Whether your natural hair is oily, normal, dry, or extra-dry, the benefits of a pH-balanced shampoo are numerous. When selecting a shampoo, make sure its pH values are in that acidic 3.5-5.5 pH range The standard pH balance of our hair is 4,5 - 5,5. Which means that your hair is normal (normal shine & luster). The pH s cale ranges from 0 - 14. This is really important to know because the range is divided into two parts, acids & alkaline. Products with a low pH balance falls in the range acids (0 - 6,9) 4. Soothe & Cool Shampoo and Body Wash - pH Balanced with Aloe: Medline presents to you one of the best shampoo cum body wash. This pH balanced body wash is perfect for everyday use. Its gentle on your skin, can be used effectively for cleansing and conditioning

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I am sure many of you might not be aware of what pH balanced shampoos are. If you are interested in knowing about them, read on. I do not know how many of you are aware, but the pH of our hair is around 4.5 - 5.5, i.e., acidic in nature Carina Organics Sweet Pea Dandruff Flake Removal Shampoo pH-balanced to 5.5-6.5 with apple cider vinegar. I've used this one myself, and can attest that it leaves your scalp and hair clean. Has a nice, light scent. Protein-free. Where to buy: Amazon. Carina Organics Sweet Pea Deep Treatment Conditioner pH-balanced to 4.5-5.5 with apple cider. Shampoo has a pH level—and it can seriously impact the health and appearance of your hair. others bill themselves as pH-balanced without being completely upfront

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Top pH Balanced Shampoo For Oily Hair 2020 Tree to Tub Soapberry Shampoo. I think the Tree to Tub Soapberry shampoo might just be the best pH balanced shampoo for... Sebamed Scalp Balancing Shampoo. If your scalp is really, really greasy and dandruff is also a concern, you might like... Global. Here is the pH balanced shampoo recipe for a healthy scalp. pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of water-soluble substances and values between 1 to 14. If the value is between 1-6, the substance is acidic whereas 8-14 refers to alkalinity. It means 7 is the neutral value for pH. So, why is pH value [ Most shampoos in the market, however, claim they have the best low pH balance, so finding the ideal shampoo for your hair and scalp is often elusively difficult. Hence, we deemed it proper to review the top 7 most popular all-natural ingredient brands of shampoos in the market today: Gentle Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner pH Balanced by Tree to Tu

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A pH-balanced shampoo not only helps keep cuticles closed but prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after treating your hair. After all, oily hair is the last thing you expect to have after treatment. pH Balancing Shampoos. pH-balancing shampoos aren't just important to those who frequently color their hair 1,681 ph balance shampoo products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which shampoo accounts for 3%. A wide variety of ph balance shampoo options are available to you, There are 101 suppliers who sells ph balance shampoo on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia In theory this DIY ph balanced shampoo can be stored at room temperature for a short amount of time, but to be safe I keep it in the fridge (where it'll keep for a week or so). If you want to make a big batch up, pour the mixture into ice cube trays and keep in the freezer for later. Thaw out a cube or two every week as needed pH-balanced shampoo- is balanced to the pH of skin and hair (4.5 to 5.5). Many shampoos are pH balanced by the addition of citric, lactic, or phosphoric acid. Most experts believe that an acid pH of 4.5 to 5.5 is essential to preventing excessive dryness and hair damage during the cleansing process

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As well as enjoying glossier dresses, after switching to pH-balancing shampoos I also became less reliant on thrice-daily dry shampoo applications. This is no coincidence:. pH-balanced for haircare does not mean a neutral pH of 7, because the pH of hair is 4-5. So if you're looking to find something that is similar to the pH of hair, then you do want something acidic. Some say that having the acidic apple cider vinegar following a basic (alkaline) shampoo is okay, and other say it's not good for your hair The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline, or basic. A pH-balanced shampoo won't contain too many acids or alkaline detergents. Maintaining pH balance helps your skin and scalp fight off environmental aggressors such as bacteria and free radicals, keeping your hair and scalp in tiptop shape

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Potential Hydrogen (pH) Balancing and Hair. The concept of pH balancing is often confusing for even experienced naturals. Remember that pure water has a neutral pH of 7. This is an equal balance of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. However, it's not balanced when you compare it to your hair. The average pH of your hair is about 5 Maintaining the pH of your horse's skin is important. A healthy horse's pH is 7.0-7.4 vs a human's at 4.5-6.9. Directions: Squirt down top line of horse and shampoo in with water or add to your bucket of water to make a sudsy bath. Follow with our pH Balanced Conditioner

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This is not a soap. A perfect shampoo bar, a Ph balanced shampoo bar for your hair. Edible Butters, Vinegar, Rose Water & Pumkin Oil. For all type of hair, no conditioning needed post-wash. If you want to start your Zero Waste Journey, this is were you start. This weighs about 45 gm and gives around 25 to 30 hair Look for a pH-Balanced Shampoo Most of us forget that the scalp requires special attention, which is why you should be double-checking the ingredients in your hair products, too. Many cosmetics companies consider sulfates to be perfectly fine for use in natural shampoo Using hair care products with the correct pH balance is important for achieving a balanced head of hair. But you must analyze your entire diet to ensure that your body's pH balance is healthy. Otherwise, the effects of the shampoo will be overshadowed by an unbalanced body, which has a direct affect on hair quality A lot of shampoo brands now talk about being pH balanced. Find out what's behind it and if there's a benefit to a pH-balanced shampoo. pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. It's a scale from 1 (most acidic) to 14 (most basic) with neutral in the middle at pH7. Water sits it the middle of the scale at pH7

Learn how to make your own preservative-free, naturally balanced shampoo bars. Every formula is pH balanced for optimal scalp-friendliness and products have a shelf life of at least 6 months. Formulas for different hair and scalp types - all developed, tried, and tested by 2 professional formulator Hårklinikkens pH-genoprettende Balancing Shampoo til fedtet hår er perfekt til dig, hvis din naturlige balance i hovedbundens hud er forstyrret Køb i da The natural shampoo recipe above uses castile soap, which is a type of soap that is high in pH. On the contrary, a pH balanced shampoo has a lower level of pH more in line with your scalp's natural levels. As a result, you might find that this shampoo does not dry out your hair or leave you with an itchy scalp

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  1. B. Miller Date: February 06, 2021 Plastic bottles of shampoo.. Balancing shampoo is a type of hair cleansing product designed to balance moisture levels in the hair and scalp. Sometimes, hair can become imbalanced when the scalp becomes oily and greasy, but the rest of the hair is dry
  2. A dog's skin is very close to a neutral pH, and significantly more alkaline than human skin, so the kind of shampoo you use on your dog should be much more neutral in pH than the typical pH value of shampoo formulated for human hair (pH balanced shampoos for humans are around 4.5-5.5, making them much more acidic, and ultimately very irritating to a dog's coat and skin)
  3. Balance pH-Balanced Shampoo 250ml. USD 16.0. $16.00 2 Reviews , See all reviews. Quantity. Quantity. Item limited to max quantity of 5000 ( 0 item is in your cart items are in your cart) Buy Now Move to Wishlist Save to Wishlist Log in/sign up to use Wishlists! In stock-Usually dispatched within 24 hours
  4. This shampoo will renew your hair to its naturally healthy, most balanced state with each wash. Infused with the power of balancing Seaweed Extract and naturally derived cleansers, this formula with sulfate-free NATRASURF™ technology works to lift away impurities without overstripping, helping to rebalance hair's optimal moisture levels, leaving it shiny, healthier looking, and full of life

pH 4.5-5.5 Previously called Sulfate Free Shampoo. NEW name, NEW packaging, same GREAT formula. Cleanse and strengthen all hair types with this gentle shampoo. Give the hair strength, smoothness, shine, and frizz control with Cleanse Sensor technology. Wet hair. Apply shampoo, work into hair and scalp and then rinse. For more intense lather, repeat the process. Follow with the ENJOY. 108 matches. ($7.99 - $55.25) Find great deals on the latest styles of Ph balance shampoo. Compare prices & save money on Hair Care Buy Grow Gorgeous Balance pH-Balanced Shampoo 250ml - luxury skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty products at LOOKFANTASTIC.com with Free Delivery Buy PH Balancing Shampoo Online in Australia, Compare Prices of 100 Products from 3 Stores. Lowest Price is . Save with MyShopping.com.au

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  1. We Care for Dirty Dogs with Our pH Balanced Dog Shampoo. As a dog-loving human, we're sure that you don't want that for your precious pooch and that's why it makes sense to use a specially formulated pH balanced shampoo for dogs such as the one developed by the team here at The Underwater Dogs Haircare Company under the expert eye of our CEO Ralphie J. Cocker
  2. uka pH Balance Shampoo Refill uka ペーハーバランス シャンプー リフィル 価格:3,025円(税込) 容量:300mL 【先行予約キャンペーン概要】 ヘアケア製品(uka pH Balance Shampooを含む)の現品サイズorリフィルを2点以上、ご予約のお客さまにワンコイントートをプレゼント
  3. Apr 12, 2015 - Most natural shampoo recipes are not pH balanced which can lead to scalp issues. Try this simple & frugal natural homemade pH balanced shampoo recipe

A shampoo that is considered ph balanced is a shampoo whose manufacturers have pinpointed a specific pH level where the shampoo will work the best. The manufacturer will then closely monitor the making of the shampoo in order to ensure that it stays at the right pH level, and they will add what they need to in order to balance it out if necessary A pH-balanced shampoo ensures that hair cuticles stay closed, preventing moisture loss, taming frizz and reducing static. It also prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after you shampoo. For colour-treated hair, using shampoo with a pH above 5.5 will open the cuticle and cause your colour to fade much faster Ph Balance in Shampoo. Aim: To find the Ph balance of different shampoos. Hypothesis: The cheaper the shampoo, the higher the Ph level. Background Information: Until the 1940s soap was used to wash the hair, but was replaced by shampoo which was Ph balanced and washed out well. Ph is a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in a solution ) Balancing Your Hairs pH Can Be as Easy Can you believe that just like our bodies our hair has a pH as well? The shampoo that you choose can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and health of your tresses. For those of you who may not know the general understanding of pH, it is found in most compound products and can either be acidic or alkaline. Any shampoo that claims to be pH. Requilibre Sebum-Balancing Shampoo pH 5.5 250ml är bra för torrt hår, då det är återfuktande. Den här mindre flaskan har en volym på 250 ml

This research puts a great deal of doubt on the need for 'so called' pH balanced shampoos for pets - you'd need to test the skin and have several different bottles of shampoo for different parts of the body just to manage the pH variations across the body of a single dog PH Balance Shampoo Experiment. 12/14/2020 0 Comments I've for some time known that our skin (counting our scalp) should be somewhat acidic. Really marginally. I've likewise heard before that utilizing an exceptionally watery vinegar wash in the wake of shampooing will reestablish hair to the PH it should be, making it sparkling and delicate Acid balanced shampoos are recommended generally by experts and in our study we found that 81.58% of shampoos had an acidic pH. When compared to soaps, shampoos are better in respect to their pH. The soaps and shampoos commonly used by the population at large have a pH outside the range of normal skin and hair pH values

Many shampoo bottles describe their contents with what I think sounds like coded language for neutral pH: balanced, neutral, blah, blah, blah, but they don't come right out and say low ph. Ever since then, I've been interested in actually determining the pH levels of shampoos As an example of the effects of pH, consider the fact that distilled water which is pH neutral (7.0) is 100 times more alkaline than hair, and can swell the hair by as much as 20 percent. ©Hairfinder.com See also: More about shampoo The pH level of water in a hair salon The pH level for hair dye By using a pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner you can maintain a strong skin barrier on your scalp and support the health of your hair as it grows. All Green People's shampoos are pH balanced and, because they contain nourishing plant actives in place of skin-stripping alcohols and SLS, they help to care for the delicate acid mantle and do not irritate sensitive scalps

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  1. Shampoos to balance hair pH Generally, pH balancing shampoos are important for everyone and not just for those who colour their hair frequently. You can reverse any damage due to excessive oil secretion, dryness and brittleness of hair by using a balancing pH shampoo
  2. Shampoo for oily hair more acidic I have no idea if my shampoo is pH balanced as it doesn't state so. However, I found out that shampoos for oily hair might be slightly more acidic. My shampoo is designed to increase the volume of my hair so I wonder if it leans toward being more alkaline although it contains mostly natural ingredients
  3. You can do this by purchasing pH strips or a pH kit to test the balance of each shampoo. Normally you would want your hair to be the same pH as your skin. 4 to 5
  4. After finding this out, I searched for a pH balanced natural shampoo recipe, and found this. My sister served as a guinea pig by trying it out for 3 to 4 weeks (thank you!), but wasn't very satisfied as her hair (although looking and feeling very healthy), wasn't really getting clean, due to the lack of cleaning agent (which is the benefit of bicarb ), and therefore stayed quite oily after.
  5. The scale ranges from a pH of 0 up to a pH of 14. The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution is. Solutions with a higher pH are more alkaline. Substances with a neutral, or balanced, pH fall in the middle of the scale with a pH value of 7. The more pH neutral shampoo is, the better it is for a person's hair

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Formulated for normal hair & scalp which tend to get oily quickly. Purifying & Balancing Shampoo Bar designed to leave the hair extremely clean while extending the time between washes. pH Balanced 5 (±0.5)Made in Portugal - Eco Packaging - Vegan Friendly100g (40-60 washes Everything I've read about pH balance and diet seems to suggest your diet should be 70-80% alkaline foods. I've never done the math on my own diet (but I have tested my pH balance before), and there are some criticisms about the science behind pH balance and if it matters And baby shampoo's neutral pH might not even be as gentle on the scalp as we'd like to think - studies show that a pH of 7 can cause scalp irritation. That said, in a baby formula you can be reasonably sure that manufacturers have thought of that - most are formulated with a careful mix of conditioning ingredients to mitigate the effects of this slightly too high pH on the skin But read customer reviews carefully before buying because not all DIY pH tests will be accurate. How to Find the Best pH-Balanced Shampoo and Conditioner. When you're looking for the right pH level of products for healthy-looking hair, the best pH-balanced shampoo or conditioner for you could be right here

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The optimal pH levels of our products and plant-based nutrients penetrate the hair shaft delivering nutrients to the source. Our acid-balanced shampoos and conditioners not only give a silky smooth feel and look, but they also repair the scalp and hair follicles As an example, the pH of human skin and hair is around 6.7 to 6.9, slightly lower than a horse's. So, a pH-balanced shampoo will have a slightly acidic pH so it will rinse more cleanly, not leaving chemical residues behind. Because the pH scale is so 'compact', ranging only from 0 to 14, it's important to understand how it works Shop for PH Balanced Shampoos at Walmart.com. Save money. Live better. Pickup & delivery Walmart.com. Product Title Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Shampoo - 8.5 Fl Oz. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Current Price $17.15 $ 17. 15. Sold & shipped by. Homemade pH balanced shampoo. Posted in DIY by Kavita Kalra MD. I decided to stop using commercial shampoo and hopped on the no poo bandwagon about 4 months ago. It made sense to me that commercial shampoos contain detergents that strip your scalp of oils pH stands for potential hydrogen and indicates how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Lower pH indicates that the substance is acidic in nature and higher pH indicates that the substance is alkaline in nature. pH scale ranges from 0-14, with acids low and bases high on scale. The pH balance of baby's skin is about 5.5

High foaming neutral pH balanced shampoo Add a layer of protection to your vehicles existing ceramic coating Can be used on uncoated vehicles pH neutral SIO2 resin blend contains no waxes Safely cleans and protects any exterior surface Streak-free, rinses easily, your choice of scent This new, special edition of Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry delves into how to make pH balanced shampoo bars using liquid and powdered surfactants, and all kinds of other wonderful ingredients. In it, we've shared 39 original formulas along with two duplications originally featured on the blog for paid subscribers only I am growing out a perm, so the ph balance shampoo was great on my regular hair, but it seemed to be really drying on the permed part. Overall, I still really like the shampoo. 5 Great for my and my daughters' biracial hair. Posted by Lauren Alexa on 19th Mar 201 If you ever wondered why we shampoo first and condition next, the answer also lies with pH balance. Chemist Ewah states that clarifying shampoos contain a higher pH, normally around an 8, lifting the cuticle to infuse water & cleanse in order to remove build-up, which is the purpose of a clarifying shampoo

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Pick a pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair with. Some people like to wash their hair with baking soda, but this isn't a good idea. Baking soda is very alkaline with a pH of 9 and can dry out and damage your hair, so it's better to pick a pH balanced shampoo instead This pH-balanced shampoo nourishes and volumizes hair. It gently cleanses the hair and thickens it thanks to its biotin, vitamin E, and saw palmetto. This cruelty-free shampoo has no harsh preservatives such as parabens, synthetic colors, or artificial fragrances. It strengthens, softens, and conditions hair without disrupting its natural pH. Balance pH-Balanced Shampoo 250ml. GBP 14.0. £14.00 8 Reviews , See all reviews. Quantity. Quantity. Item limited to max quantity of 5000 ( 0 item is in your basket items are in your basket) Buy Now Move to Wishlist Save to Wishlist Log in/sign up to use Wishlists! In stock Shampoo typically is more acidic than soap, so it may contain ingredients to bring down the product of the pH. If the pH of shampoo is too high, the sulfide bridges in keratin can break, weakening or damaging your hair. Protectants: Many shampoos contain additional ingredients intended to protect hair

Mr. Smith's Balancing Shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp. Jasmine and mandarin oils soften keratin and relax stressed hair. The scalp is soothed and the hair fibre cleansed of stubborn styling product residue from waxes and sprays. The result is hair that is left feeling silky and clean.PETA ce Shampoos with low pH actually help to CLOSE the cuticles on hair shafts since it matches the pH level of our hair (this is a very good thing, preventing damage). In fact pH of 6 is considered pretty high for a shampoo, the Devacurl(hair company) controversy which reformulated their products from lower to higher pH caused damage to all their consumers, suggest you check this out AG Hair's Natural Balance Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Organic apple cider vinegar naturally closes the hair cuticle for additional shine and Organic argan oil and aloe vera help further smooth and moisturize. Features . Formulated with over 98% plant-based, naturally-derived ingredients Dec 15, 2020 - Gently cleanse hair without stripping strands with this pH-balanced shampoo, leaving hair visibly shiny and healthy. Soothe, moisturize, and conditions hair and scalp. Read reviews for the Balance PH-Balance Shampoo by Grow Gorgeous & shop online in Canada

Use a pH balanced daily shampoo. Check the bottle label -- shampoo pH may range between 4 and 8. You want to choose a shampoo with a pH closer to that of your scalp, at around 5. Harsh shampoos, such as those containing lauryl sulfates, strip the hair's natural acid and turn it alkaline, or basic, which may lead to hair problems such as dandruff This Balancing Shampoo is a soothing formula that cleanses the hair and scalp while also nourishing them. Infused with Juvexin, the Balancing Shampoo strengthens hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. This shampoo is completely gluten free, sulphate free and paraben free. GK Hair Balancing Coniditoner is the perfect match with the Balancing Shampoo.The Balancing Conditioner ensures that all. This pH-balanced, hypoallergenic daily clarifying shampoo is specially designed to deep clean hair. As the gentle formula cleanses, it removes product build-up and residue from hair, while retaining its precious natural moisture

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