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From 1 January 2021, UK AIFMs and non-UK AIFMs that have registered their funds for marketing in the UK are subject to the AIFMD portfolio company provisions only if they acquire a material interest in a UK company (whether listed or unlisted). Prior to Brexit, these requirements would have been engaged on the acquisition of any EEA company Essential Guide to AIFMD Marketing After Brexit. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, AIFMs wishing to market their funds should re-evaluate the AIFMD marketing notification requirements, taking into account the combination of their own jurisdiction, that of the fund, and that of their prospects in order to understand the process to.

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  1. The AIFMD Exit Regulations are part of HM Treasury's programme of statutory instruments (SIs) under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (EU(W)A 2018) dealing with contingency preparations for a no-deal Brexit. The AIFMD Exit Regulations form part of the process of domesticating ('onshoring') EU law to ensure legal continuity following the UK's exit from the EU
  2. The future of AIFMD and Depositary after Brexit? 13 February 2019. Make an enquiry. The now-infamous referendum, the negotiations and Theresa May surviving a critical vote have firmly secured Brexit headlines at least until 29 March - the day the UK is due to leave the EU
  3. Brexit Update: MiFID and AIFMD Passporting Posted on 25 Jun 2020 Since the UK left the EU and entered the transition period, firms have been waiting for the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') to shed some light onto what the regulatory landscape would look like at the end of the transition period
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  1. ds asset managers of the consequences of Brexit. On 9 July 2020, the European Commission published an Advice to stakeholders re
  2. Brexit and AIFMD Third Country Passport Starting January 2021 the UK AIFMs will be considered as third country AIFMs and will lose their European passport and can no longer manage and market EU AIFs across the EU on the basis of authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority
  3. An EEA AIFM can continue to delegate to a UK investment manager operating under MiFID permissions after Brexit. This is facilitated partly by the fact that the ESMA and EU/EEA securities regulators have agreed Memoranda of Understanding with the FCA as to how they will cooperate post Brexit

UK AIFs into the UK post-Brexit, as if they still had the EU passport. In relation to a UK AIFM with an EEA AIF currently marketed into the UK, that AIFM may be transferring the management of that AIF to an onshore management company for Brexit purposes UK firms must notify investors and CONSOB of intentions post-Brexit. N/A. Malta. Maltese investors can remain in the fund but fund needs to inform the MFSA. Article 36/42 of AIFMD. Norway. Marketing will be prohibited. They can't specify any further. Section 6-4/ 6-5 of the NAMAIF. Portugal. Notify the sub distributors in Portugal and notify the CMV Prior to the expiry of the Brexit transition period, full-scope Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) under AIFMD are entitled to manage and market funds to professional investors in the EEA. In terms of operating a fund, the AIFM is responsible for portfolio and risk management, as well as an AIFMD depositary for cash-flow monitoring, asset safekeeping and custody AIFMD Meets Brexit On Thursday, the UK public were called upon to answer the following question—Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? It goes without saying that the outcome of Thursday's referendum was unexpected (circa 52% voted to leave the European Union and 48% voted t

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The future of AIFMD and Depositary after Brexit

Brexit Update: MiFID and AIFMD Passportin

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers (Amendment) (EU

The question of regulatory substance and boots on the ground has been a burning issue, at both a European and national level for some time now. This focus on substance has intensified during the Brexit transition period. The AIFMD consultation further re-emphasises the need to avoid the creation of letterbox entities The AFM and Brexit. As a result of Brexit, some companies from the United Kingdom (UK) wish to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Dutch companies that do business with the UK also have questions regarding the consequences of brexit. On Friday, 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU, with a transition period until 31 December 2020 While Brexit and Covid-19 have caused significant challenges for policymakers, AIFMD cannot be allowed to wither. Instead, it is time the inconsistencies and uncertainties that have blighted AIFMD over the last few years are remedied With the transition period coming to an end by the end of 2020, many UK managers are questioning the implication of Brexit to the fundraising and management of Luxembourg-based funds Essential Guide to AIFMD marketing after Brexit A simple guide outlining all the permutations of location of AIFMs, AIFs, and prospective investors. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, AIFMs wishing to market their funds will need to continue to take into account a combination of their own jurisdiction, that of the fund, and that of their prospects in order to understand the.

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Investors who have invested in AIFMD compliant funds are increasingly nervous, as recent surveys indicate they would actively withdraw assets if the UK regulator reduces protections under a hard Brexit - this is not without substance, given the government would then seek to position UK financial services under a very light regulatory regime tilted towards offshoring Brexit and UK funds' and fund managers' cross-border notifications General. The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 with a Withdrawal Agreement. It has entered a transition period which is due to operate until 31 December 2020

The EU reminds asset managers of the consequences of Brexi

  1. Post Brexit, passporting rights under both AIFMD and MiFID have been lost, leaving UK managers reliant on more traditional third country market access routes. In theory under both AIFMD and MiFID, there are provisions in place to grant passport-based access to third country firms but,.
  2. AIFMs established in Luxembourg managing UK AIFs prior to 31 December 2020 and having notified the marketing of those AIFs to professional investors in other EU Member States under the provisions of Article 30 of the AIFM Law, shall review the marketing requirements applicable to those funds as of 1 January 2021
  3. AIFs. Unlike the UCITS Directive, both AIFs . and AIFMs may be EU or non-EU. Therefore, in theory, there is nothing at EU level to prevent EU27 AIFs continuing to be sold into the UK (and vice versa), or for EU27 AIFMs to manage UK AIFs (and vice versa). However, the AIFMD non-EU passports have not been introduced and a numbe
  4. CSSF Brexit preparations: Action required for AIFMs, MiFID firms and UCITS firms We are aware that many of our clients have received or been alerted to communications issued by EU 27 member state regulators regarding planning for the UK's exit from the EU without a deal (a so called 'hard Brexit')
  5. The AIFM will, in this case, be subject to applicable notification procedures under the AIFMD. It is unclear whether the restriction applies at an investor or jurisdictional level. The Regulation also provides that ESMA and other stakeholders will provide a report to the European Commission in relation to reverse solicitation and demand on the own initiative of an investor

No - UK UCITS and AIFs will have to cease marketing after the Brexit transition period. They will only be able to apply for marketing under the NPPR from the 1 January 2021. The CNMV will not accept applications before this date /brexit/onshoring-temporary-transitional-power-ttp Onshoring and the Temporary Transitional Power Your firm must comply in full with the onshored UK regime by 31 March 2022. Find out mor The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Regulations (UK AIFMD) provide a regulatory framework for alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs), including managers of hedge funds, private equity firms and investment trusts On 24 December 2020, the government of the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) reached a Trade and Cooperation Agreement 1 (the Agreement) in advance of the end of the Brexit transition period (11:00 p.m. GMT on 31 December 2020). 2. While the Agreement does not provide a solution for the provision of financial services between the UK and the EU, the Joint Declaration 3.

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A UK withdrawal from the European Union (EU) following the 23 June 2016 'Brexit' Referendum has potential implications on the existing requirement for UK Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) to appoint, in certain circumstances, a depositary under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) The Brexit Laws granted the ability for competent authorities to set out a grandfathering period for services provided to existing Luxembourg clients such as investment funds, AIFMs and management companies. As the Brexit Laws were issued on the assumption of a hard Brexit scenario, following the ratification of the UK withdrawal agreement (the. AIFMs will need to inform investors of the consequences of Brexit (this would impact, for example, the content of the AIF's annual report) and assess whether the change in legal status of the fund would still enable them to comply with the investment strategy as originally communicated to investors Als gevolg van brexit willen sommige ondernemingen uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk (VK) zich vestigen in Nederland. Ook Nederlandse bedrijven, die handelen met de VK hebben vragen over de gevolgen van brexit. Op vrijdag 31 januari 2020 heeft het VK de EU verlaten, met een overgangsperiode tot en met 31 december 2020 Currently, the marketing of non-EEA AIFs in the UK and the wider EU by a UK AIFM must be conducted on the basis of each country's national private placement regime (NPPR) under Article 36 of AIFMD, where available. Following Brexit, UK marketing would continue on the basis of Article 36. However, i

UK-based Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFMs) are beginning to come to terms with the operational changes they may have to make, in order to continue to access EU investors after Brexit - potentially on 29 March 2019 We conclude that the availability of arrangements in AIFMD to allow the passporting of non-EU (third country) fund managers may assist some UK firms, but timing, logistical and political factors mean that many will feel it prudent to consider setting up some form of licensed entity within the EU after a hard Brexit Implications for Brexit. ESMA's most recent advice on the AIFMD passport will be of interest to UK based AIFMs, which may be considered third country AIFMs post-Brexit. UK AIFMs face a period of uncertainty until the conclusion of the UK's Brexit negotiations The AIFMD, post-Brexit. Brexit is likely to change the landscape dramatically for the UK's alternative managers. Top of the list will be the loss of the marketing passport, which currently allows the distribution of AIFs around Europe to professional investors,. Brexit: Article 50 Triggered - Cayman's Response to AIFMD in the EU Publication - 29/03/2017 The United Kingdom ( UK ) government has today notified the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union ( EU ), in accordance with Article 50 of The Treaty on European Union (the Article 50 notification )

On 1 February 2019 ESMA confirmed the agreement of no-deal Brexit MoUs with the FCA. One MoU is between the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom (UK) covering the exchange of information in relation to credit rating agencies and trade repositories With the EU passport no longer available, Senior Consultant - Fund Services, Melville Rodrigues considers the solutions for UK real estate managers to continue to access European investors.* *Article first published by IPE Real Assets on 08/01/21 Following the passing of the UK-EU post-Brexit trade agreement and expiry of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, UK fund managers.

Access to EU markets under AIFMD and MIFID - an update Summary The ability for third-country firms to access EU markets under the AIFMD, Brexit has focused on the United Kingdom's trading relationship with the EU. In 2015, the UK exported 44% (£223.3bn). NCA responses to AIMA Brexit Transition Questions. AIMA has written to the EU27 national competent authorities (NCAs) to enquire about there answers to a series of 46 specific questions related to UK AIFMs transitioning from the transposed regimes related to the use of Articles 32, 33 and 36 of the AIFMD to use of any available Article 42 national private placement regime or to another. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, the UK will be considered a third-country for the purposes of AIFMD and Article 36 will no longer apply ESMA will resume processing of FITRS files received during the maintenance window in the coming days between 9 and 11 January 2021 and will resume processing of DVCAP files received during the maintenance window on 11 January 2021, as per Brexit data operational plan published on ESMA's website

BREXIT - ASSESSING THE IMPACT ON ASSET MANAGERS On 23 June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. AIFMs and so would lose the use of the marketing (and management) passport under AIFMD. Instead, they would have to comply with the AIFMD The AIFMD sets out a comprehensive passport regime for managers and marketers of alternative investment funds (AIFs) in the EU. The passport is available to authorised EU alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) and should according to Article 35, 39 to 41 of the AIFMD, also be available to third-country alternative investment fund managers in equivalent jurisdiction Managers await impact of Brexit: AIFMD passporting rules and exit model negotiated by UK and EU will be vital. Political fallout following the Brexit vote on 23 June was immediate - but the impact on the regulation of the UK's financial services industry will not be clear for a considerable period Accordingly, ESMA recommends that the scope of permissible business activities listed in Article 6(4) of AIFMD and Article 6(3) of the UCITS Directive be clarified. 4. Delegation and Substance. ESMA understands that delegation of portfolio management functions to non-EU entities is likely to increase post Brexit Post-Brexit UK AIFMs are likely to be treated as non-EU AIFMs, therefore they will only be able to market AIFs to EU investors via national private placement regimes (where available). It is anticipated that the AIFMD passport will be extended to cover non-EU AIFMs in those jurisdictions where ESMA has made an equivalence assessment

Brexit: Article 50 Triggered - Cayman's Response to AIFMD in the EU Publication - 29/03/2017 The United Kingdom (UK) government has today notified the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union (EU), in accordance with Article 50 of The Treaty o Brexit and UK AIFMs (1) : Distribution as a non- EU AIFM. July 12, 2016 ~ brexitandassetmanagement. The AIFM Directive is often described as a UK-centric directive as most of the EU Alternative Investment Managers (read hedge fund managers) are based in the UK This belief is supported by the fact that the US and Switzerland have never had EU passports themselves. Part of the Brexit negotiation will be whether the UK could obtain some form of equivalence. It was noted that a number of large players in the industry had already set up AIFM ManCos - such as Blackstone, BC Partners and Carlyle All eyes will be on the European Commission's legal proposal pertaining to the AIFM Directive, which is expected to be published sometime in the first half of 2021, and could usher in an updated version - AIFMD II - a decade after it was first adopted

AIFMs which either directly or indirectly, through a company with which the AIFM is linked by common management or control, or by a substantive direct or indirect holding, manage portfolios of AIFs whose assets under management in total do not exceed a threshold of EUR 500 million when the portfolios of AIFs consist of AIFs that are unleveraged and have no redemption rights exercisable during.

UK UCITS and UK AIFs would become non-EU AIFs following a Hard Brexit and therefore they will not be able to continue benefitting from the passporting rights under Chapter XI of the UCITS Directive6 and Article 32 of the AIFMD respectively An AIFM is authorised under the European Communities (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) Regulations 2013 (the Regulations) to engage in Portfolio Management and Risk Management services of AIFs. An AIFM below the defined thresholds in accordance with Regulation 4(2), must be registered with the Central Bank. Themed Inspection

AIFM authorised or registered under the AIFMD as an FC. 2 The EMIR REFIT Regulationextend s that definition to also include: • any EU AIF, irrespective of the location or status under the AIFMD of its manager; and • where relevant, a fund's AIFM established in the EU For AIFMs outside the EU and UK Brexit will have no impact on firms based outside of the EU and UK, as these firms can continue to be governed by their respective NPPR rules for marketing funds. In addition, there is a direct impact on how firms report AIFMD filing to the UK and various EU jurisdictions The consequences of the UK leaving the EU need to be considered, in particular the impact on full-scope UK AIFMs that became non-EEA AIFMs on Brexit. The UK withdrew from the EU and the EEA on 31 January 2020. Following its withdrawal, the UK entered a transition period until 31 December 2020, during which EU law continued to apply in the UK

(e) Marketing by AIFMs other than UK/EU AIFMs. For other third country AIFMs, e.g. those in the US or the Channel Islands, Brexit and the FTA will have no impact on them and such firms will still need to make NPPR notifications (where feasible) in order to market their AIFs in the EU or the UK as usual. Assess and adapt (as necessary If they don't want to be caught off guard, immediate action is required now. The appointment of a third-party AIFM before the Brexit effective day is the obvious option as it shall avoid any distribution black-out period. The third-party AIFM solution . The third-party AIFM can indeed help in different ways with the fund marketing AIFMD Primary Legislation. Alternative Investment Fund Managers (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019. Primarily affects Alternative Investment Fund Managers that are already regulated in the U.K. under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Regulations 2013 and AIFMs currently marketing EEA AIFs in the U.K

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU's securities markets regulator, has updated the Opinion Collection of information for the effective monitoring of systemic risk under Article 24(5), first sub-paragraph, of the AIFMD, in the context of AIFMD reporting Information provided as of 2020. The EU Commission promoted passporting rights as one of the key benefits for hedge, private equity, real estate and other alternative investment fund managers authorised under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). However, we are now experiencing impediments to the passporting rights as certain domestic regulators are imposing. UCITS have more complex rules on delegation and sub-investment compared to the AIFMD.If there is to be harmonisation between the AIFMD and UCITS this might affect how an EEA AIFM may delegate to a UK manager in a post Brexit world. The concern for AIFMs is that more harmonisation and ESMA's concerns about delegation practices might lead to. Portfolio company disclosure - Articles 27 to 29 of the Directive require notifications and disclosures by an AIFM managing an AIF which acquires certain holdings/control of portfolio companies which have their registered office in the EU (AIFMD) should be aware that their existing marketing notifications will lapse on 1 Jan. 2021. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, the UK will be considered a third-country for the purposes of AIFMD and Article 36 will no longer apply. Instead, UK AIFMs will need to rely on the loca

Brexit impact for UK asset managers marketing in the E

UK Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and UK AIF Managers (AIFMs) have lost their EU passports. There is still no sign that the AIFMD non-EU passports will be introduced, so UK AIFMs will need, instead, to use national private placement regimes (NPPRs), which are generally limited to placements with professional clients and do not exist, or are of narrow scope, in some Member States EU and UK Source The AIFMD passport extension - which was already a long shot - is clearly on the backburner post-Brexit. It is important to stress equivalence was never designed with the UK in mind. The long-term impact of Brexit will be that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will have to withdraw from ESMA, and that will be a big loss for the industry, as the UK regulator has been a pragmatic force The Central Bank of Ireland has confirmed in its AIFMD Q&A that, firstly, an Irish AIF can retain or appoint UK AIFMs post Brexit and secondly that the relevant Irish AIF must contractually impose on any third country AIFMs the requirements which the Central Bank imposes on Irish registered AIFMs that act as AIFMs to Irish regulated AIFs As a result, the impact of Brexit on AIFs is different to UCITS. In summary: UK AIFM and AIFs managed by that UK AIFM - The AIFM will continue to be able to manage EU AIFs, although they will lose access to the AIFMD management passporting regime. Similarly, any UK AIFs managed by the UK AIFM will also lose access to the marketing passport

ESMA recommends post-Brexit UCITS and AIFMD changes in 'attack on London' Writing ahead of AIFMD review ESMA chair Steven Maijoor. Mike Sheen; 20 August 2020 Tweet . Facebook . LinkedIn . Share on Whatsapp. Send to . 0 Comments Brexit Looms for AIFMs: 11 months is a long time in politics - February 2020 . Welcome to the Faster, Higher, Further, MJ Hudson's quarterly newsletter providing insights and updates on the latest trends in regulation, governance and fund services Guernsey is a Crown Dependency. The Bailiwick of Guernsey (Guernsey, together with Herm, Sark, Alderney and the surrounding islets) is part of the British Isles but independent of the UK. It is neither a member nor an associate member of the European Union (the EU) and as such is classified as a third-country. Guernsey is therefore not required to com

In the event of a no deal Brexit, any AIFs established, but not notified and opted into the TPR, will be permitted to market under temporary transitional powers granted to the FCA. The FCA has stated that in the case of an EU AIFM marketing an AIF in the UK may continue to market that AIF in accordance with the current UK AIFM regulations for a transitional period up to 31 March 2022 Brexit Statutory Instruments Tracker . While much of EU law will be incorporated into the UK's domestic law after the end of the Brexit transition period, many changes, mainly made by statutory instruments, have been necessary to make the law work properly after the end of the transition period Brexit LIBOR and benchmarks Coronavirus (COVID-19) LMA developments ISDA developments ICMA developments FIA developments Case trackers and analysis Weekly highlights Lendin For this purpose, UK AIFMs must obtain the relevant investors' consent of their Luxembourg eligible AIFs and notify the CSSF under the conditions set out under section 1 above (please note that an additional item must be notified to the CSSF in this context which consists in providing the CSSF with a duly signed confirmation that the notification submitted through the CSSF Brexit dedicated.

Accordingly the AIFMD's third country market access rules become of the upmost importance on Brexit for both UK retail funds seeking market access to the EU, and for alternative investment funds. Once again, the AIFMD option is not straightforward; its third country access provisions are extremely cumbersome Olivier Fines, head of advocacy for Emea at the CFA Institute, the global association of investment management professionals, explained: In the case of a no-deal Brexit and no regime of equivalence or memorandum of understanding in place between regulators - the worst case scenario, by definition, the passports under Mifid, Ucits or AIFMD would cease to operate UK and EEA post-Brexit measures. Big Ben was reconnected to provide more than one set of 'bongs' on New Year's Eve. One of these, a test, was at 11:00 p.m., which coincided with the end of the EU transition period and the UK's final departure from the single market and the customs union

Market access and facilitating post-Brexit investment flows 05 March 2021. Written by Dr Andy Sloan Guernsey Finance Dr Andy Sloan. Dr Andy Sloan, Deputy Chief Executive, Strategy, at Guernsey Finance, Our old ESMA-facilitated MoU under AIFMD. Negotiating Brexit has resulted in many delays in AIFMD passport expansion. Neil compared the issue to a political football that has been kicked off the agenda for now. I don't think that any non-EEA countries will be assessed as of equivalence for regulatory purposes so that they can have the passport Brexit could impact AIFMD. Private equity fund managers in the UK should consider what an exit vote could potentially mean for marketing and fundraising in Europe. By. Nicole Miskelly - 7 March 2016. Share A-A + 100%

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UK real estate fund managers face post-Brexit choices

provide transitional relief post-Brexit; these are however, interim in nature. Only certain EU acts contain third country equivalence provisions and in some acts these provisions are not switched on (e.g. under the AIFMD). In comparison to passport rights, equivalence offers piecemeal and limited access to the single market Marketing AIFs in EEA (excluding the UK) pre and post-Brexit AIFMD - pre-Brexit AIFMD - post-Brexit Comments on marketing in EEA post-Brexit EEA AIFM with EEA AIF • 31-32 • 31-32 Brexit: no direct impact. EEA AIFM with UK AIF • 31-32 • 35 • 36 Loss of EEA passport, but NPPR may apply. EEA AIFM with TC AIF • 3 Considering the Brexit vote, expectations are that the decision to extend the AIFMD passport to third countries will be delayed. Jersey, with two positive ESMA recommendations, should be in pole position to obtain the passport once it becomes available to third countries

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A no-deal Brexit is becoming an increasingly likely scenario. For this reason, interest from British real estate fund providers in cooperating with German or Luxembourgish third-party real estate AIFMs is soaring. Such cooperation will give British fund providers the ability to enjoy EU passporting privileges, to initiate their own funds and to sell fund units [ On 21 February the UK Treasury published its preparations for a no-deal Brexit called the Alternative Investmen Brexit: Where are we now and what next? 13th May 2021. The asset management industry has been discussing Brexit and its impact on the investment funds industry since 2016. That sense of confusion around Brexit and its many uncertainties and unknowns since 22 June 2016 has led to a multitude of different approaches and attitudes towards it Register of Commission Documents. Welcome to the Register of Commission documents. Here you can find various types of Commission documents such as proposals, impact assessments, communications, delegated and implementing acts and other Commission decisions, agendas and minutes of meetings held by the College of Commissioners

Brexit Update: Impact on Fund Managers from 31 January

Managing alternative investment funds (AIFs) has become more complex than ever and selecting your gateway to Europe is an important decision. Whether you're an EU or a non-EU alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) of AIFs distributed to EU professional investors, you need to find a fast, cost-effective and compliant route to market MICHEL BARNIER sent a furious warning in the direction of the UK's former Brexit negotiator David Frost as Brussels and London rowed over the role of the EU's ambassador after Brexit UCITS & AIFMD Luxembourg Navigating the evolving funds landscape in Europe with successful regulatory, distribution and operational strategies. Discover how managers are exploring and expanding in Luxembourg, and the impact of this new era for your business

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